Insurance Claims Dublin

If you are looking to claim for house damage or car damage or office damage, or any other damage that may have happened and are looking to claim it on your insurance, well welcome to insurance claims dublin, we are here to help and advise you in any way we can for your insurance claim, you can not claim under more than one policy or loss.

When it comes to making that claim you have to make sure that your insurance will cover it, from your household insurance to car insurance to your travel insurance,  for example if you were on your holidays and you get robbed yourself that would go on your travel insurance. if your insurance covers you well don’t fear insurance claims dublin is here to help you with everything we can do.

Our insurance team deals with

  • Fire and smoke damage to your house or office
  • burst pipes
  • Flood damage
  • storm damage
  • Theft at home or abroad

When you go to make your claim call your broker and go through with them briefly on the case of your claim that you are making, depending on the claim you are making, your broker will be able to give you advice on your claim, always check that your insurer will cover the cost.

If you are claiming for insurance on your home or office, weather its for fire and smoke damage, subsidence, storm or flood damage you will need to get out an assessor to assess the damage that is done to your home or office