Making a claim

Right to go by making your claim, are here to help and advise you in helping you to make your claim. You need to gather all your details for making your claim, if its making a claim for your car insurance you need to do the following below.

Making a claim for your Car

  • need ¬†your policy number
  • details of the incident
  • you need to get contact details of whoever else was involved
  • contact details of witnesses

Hints on making a car claim

  • Make sure no one is injured
  • Get the registration number
  • Insurance details
  • Get others phone number
  • Don’t move motor

Making a claim for Home

Right for making a claim for your home you need to do the following below.

Ring a home claims handler and they will record all the details of your house claim

Hints no making an insurance claim for your home

  • Don’t put yourself or others in danger
  • Contact builder if emergency (water or break in)
  • Move furniture and carpet to higher ground (water damage)
  • Don’t get builders to start work with insurance agreement
  • Don’t get rid of any damaged property, wait until your insurance company examines it
  • Don’t throw out any paperwork as you will need this to support your claim


For making that insurance claim for your home or vehicle, you need to have all the details for your claim if its a car claim make sure you have all the details who was involved and don’t move your car.

If its a home claim again all details needed for your claim, don’t start work, don’t throw out damaged goods.